Wednesday, September 29, 2004

crabber's tears

if you were snooping around my bedroom looking in my recently played records, you'd exclaim (aloud), "my, crabber! with so much fucking swans and xiu xiu here, i'd reckon you to be a 17 year old goth!" not so, fair concierge, 'cause for every 'god damn the sun' and 'suha,' theres a the go! team and a the go find makin crabber do pirouettes. holler at that shit.

soul hut

once there was the pore-openingly fangtastic mp3 blog called soul sides where there were always funk and soul tracks hottt enough to make you want to slap yourself in the face. there was also this mp3 blog called tofuhut. well now those blogs are doing it together and you can find some sort of complex fusion of the two on either site. capital!

Monday, September 27, 2004

shotgun wedding

snap. ol' crabbers is about fifteen hours late on this one, but it looks like britney spears is preggers.
[via stereogum]

hi, my name is crabber.

hi guys. my name is crabber, and i am a crab. i haven't decided what this blog will be about yet, suffice it to say you will read bukowskian tales of my debauchery:
  • my pissing in empty bottles of gin because i'm too lazy to walk to the commode
  • my fucking of prostitutes
  • my hemmorhoids bothering me
  • and my eating of soft-boiled eggs every meal for six weeks.
i hope you like this blog. to quote a very wise young feldman: "sounds like my grandfather taking a leak, mikey; thrillsville." thrillsville indeed! here we go!