Sunday, October 31, 2004


blastitude is a really great online zine that reviews really great records by really noisy bands. i always forget about it for months at a time because they come out quarterly or something spaced out like bi-yearly, and then i find that a new one has been posted and i read it over and over again. ahhh. well, a new one's up now, and this snippet from a panicsville review struck me as an example of superb music journalism.
Panicsville's Sterile seems to be about hospital perversion and/or the final feverish visions of a person dying in a hospital bed. The album starts with 12 solid minutes of total silence, which I guess could represent death. Then track two "Flatline" begins suddenly with a full-on swirl of definitive Panicsvillation (queasy electronic almost-melody winds along while animalistic guttural voice sounds grind over the top, soon joined by a sample from a kitsch record, properly looped for maximum retardation) which stops suddenly after a couple minutes for some radio theater set inside a creepy hospital. And the queasy fever dreams continue, a highlight being the 9-minute track "Mastery Of All That Is Unknown."

crabs are animals

the word crabber can have several different meanings. firstly and foremostly, it can mean 'one who crabs' or, more directly, 'a person who tries to capture crabs for either food, sport, or industry.' crabber can also be used to describe a boat on which one goes out hunting for crabs, though from personal experience i can say that most crabs are found along shorelines and skittering amongst culverts and drowning pools, and one really wouldn't need a crabber boat to capture them at all and would probably do just as well with a pair of galoshes or wading boots. crabber can also mean someone or something that moves in a sideways fashion. crabs are so weird.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

christ blogs

i've been looking at my hit-counter stats recently, and i'm noticing lots of hits from blogs that refer here but that i've never heard of before. why is this? i always click on these links to check out these referrer blogs, and invariably they are somebody's 'profession of my love for christ' blog. why is this? these people aren't linking to me. i'm not leaving comments in their comment section. the only thing i can come up with is that someone is clicking on the 'next blog' thing on that blogger toolbar at the top de la blog. either that or there is some christian conspiracy, though i have no idea what such a conspiracy would accomplish. i spent one afternoon scouring one of these blogs to see where they linked to oceanchum. i could find no evidence of a passing link or any mention of scarnsworth whatsoever in all the reams of inane blog entries about church socials and video nights. captain scurvy, i'm looking in your direction for help.

voice of a crab

it's been a little over a month since my last post, and boy have i been busy! ok, i'm lying. actually i haven't done a goddam thing except watch most of the nightmare on elm street series and gain ten pounds. oh, and i voted. but what i'm trying to say here, is that despite the fact i've been gelatinizing over the past 30 days, there is a reason that i haven't been blogging here. i can't decide on a voice. should i blog as scarnsworth or blog as crabber? fuck, i don't even know if there's a difference anymore. i like the idea of a blog being run by a crab, but for some reason, my being scarnsworth on oceanchum, forces me to be scarnsworth on crabber. i guess i could create a new profile, but that's a new password for me to remember. and a new identity for that matter. shit, it's hard enough remembering the password! i think i'll just call this blog crabber, let it be named for a special crab, and continue blogging as scarnsworth, for that is who i am! tell it on the mountain.