Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the issues of today

i feel like i need a piece of candy or a little thing of sprite zero right now. also, i caught a whiff of my own feet again which means that these relatively new shoes are already in effect dead.

Monday, November 01, 2004

mario bava

there's a pretty great documentary on IFC this week on italian horror maestro mario bava; a man who i knew nothing about until i watched the superb special on bravo these past coupla days - 'the 100 scariest movie moments.' there are some films noted in there that, jesus, just in the 30 second clips they show, build up more tension and have a bigger scare payoff than most feature full-lengths i see nowadays. i gotta see the changeling and the sentinal. holy crow. if any of you dear readers have seen either of these please tell me about em in the comments below. also, if anyone got a chance to see the sadist film saw, i'd like to hear about that one too.

wolf eyes

as pointed out to me by alert reader cocaine bref, wolf eyes graces the cover of the latest ish of wire magazine, so you should pick a copy up when you are near your local newstand. it should provide for some interesting reading. as pointed out by capt.scurvy, wolf eyes may be one of the most overrated bands out there today. i can understand that sentiment, but when somebody fucking bashes themselves in the head with a mace and nearly bleeds to death during a performance, they got cred in my book. plus, they are scary and dangerous. it is a crying shame that i'm going to miss them when they come to my town on wednesday, but whatev, duty calls.