Tuesday, January 25, 2005


i seriously was just thinking about how uncomfortable it was to be as constipated as i am right now when i looked at the top of my screen and noticed a banner ad reading "bloated? constipated? somethin?" i didn't click it - i had to blog about it fast as a crab first. i think it's zelnorm, don't you? i hope so. i'm such a fan of zelnorm! and their ads! i want to work for zelnorm one day. in other news, yesterday my roommate asked me if i was drunk at 2 in the afternoon, and later the guy at the cleaners thought i was yelling at him ("i'm not trying to be rude sir!!" he says to me). both of those things weirded me out. you know, cause it weirds me out that i would be thinking the world to be fine and normal and snoozeworthy while others around me see me as being either drunk or irate. isn't that how crazies get started? thinking it's wonderful and normal to walk around with a giant piss stain on your trousers and talk to strangers? on a similar note, i don't like it when crazies try to talk to me in the grocery store. get away from me crazies! i've got people to spy on quietly.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

crabber's hangover

a few things i've realized today: 1.larry king is no film critic 2.'queer eye for the straight gal' sucks 3.i need to put down the bottle 4.my room is by no stretch of the imagination clean