Friday, June 10, 2005

look at what you made come out of me

i was going to post this over to unrealized scripts but because it's an idea not fully fleshed out - an image if you will, i decided to work on Pumpkinhead III for unrealized and keep this gem over here at crabber. picture this: secretary of state condoleezza rice on the road, her first trip abroad - meeting presidents, kings, and prime ministers - and driving around in one of those little izuzu amigos with the big red bull can on the back. when she goes to meet israeli prime minister ariel sharon she takes his ass down to manger square in bethlehem in the red bull car. israelis and palestinians are protesting but condi could not give less of a fuck as she does donuts in manger square, ripping out pages of a swank magazine and throwing them in the air; an act which could arguably be the penultimate form of sacrilege. the end of the movie would take place in a bedroom with condi saying something like, "ariel, it looks like a slug crawled on your comforter in just those three drippy spots." ~fin~

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

bobby q's

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this photo was taken merely a month ago, tho it seems like it's been eons. v and i would have bbq's in the grandest of fashions every week- replete with volcanic beans, corn, kobe beef, cheetos, rollitos, and enough beer to drown in. drown we did.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

living hard

i just got done with a fucking great breakfast: a rather large toffee pecan cookie plus a banana for my health and a 20oz coffee for quaffing. i feel so good it's unreal! like i want to live out my dreams all over the place right now! of course that would mean eating muchas rollitos and drinking two things of cough syrup while watching pumpkinhead 3 just before dawn, but alas. in other news, last night i had a burger so big you had to bite it in the same place twice just to get through it. other important updates include no one else being able to remember much about wednesday night either! hooray! here is an interesting photograph that has nothing to do with anything.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

fuck you tomorrow

it's too much sometimes. hot tub induced weltgasms etcetera. hold me why you try to