Monday, July 25, 2005


dudes, it:s been a long time and no update, i know, but things have been gettin harry over here. i:m down in ye olde kyoto town and the internet access isn:t proving to be all that accessible. my wireless just isn:t working here. i:m in this radical cafe right now, and some dude is watching battle royale 2 on the computer behind me (a guy is holding another guy:s severed head.) i;ve got a solid post about tokyo and hiroshima coming up, but alas it:s on my ibook and i can:t log on from there to post it. fuuug. anyway, here:s what:s happened today: i walked around the huge arcade malls here in kyoto doing a bunch of window shopping and listening to a little interpol on the ipod. a little while ago i began to feel lightheaded and nauseus, so what better remedy for that than a huge cabbage pancake with a crepe on the bottom, an egg on the top, and onions, bacon, and the cabbage in the middle? (scattered, smothered, chunked, topped, and diced you ain:t got shit on this okonomiyaki). as i began to go to Mr. Young Men:s oknomokyaki restaurant, my ipos shitted out on me. yes it:s broken. the closest store is in Osaka, but will they be able to replace it for me? fuck if i know. i go there tomorrow, because, ladies and germs, if i try to fly back to the states without that ipod, why, i may as well try to hold my breath for the duration of the flight over the pacific. it would be easier. i:m frowning about this ipod sitch. as soon as my time is up here, i:m going to go see that new scarlett johansen flick at the local movie theater. The Island, i think it:s called. then i:m going to buy a bunch of shit. i don:t know if the gravity here is different, or if the beers have more alcohol, or what, but after a few kirin:s and a couple glasses of shochu i feel like i:m assassinated in the mind. hope all is well with you.

Monday, July 18, 2005

doin bloggin in japan

hallooo friends! i'm writing from a starbucks in tokyo right now. i was in nagoya with ol' will for the past three days, and now i've made it here and let me tell you something: nothing is in english in tokyo. at least not in the subway stations and trains. (some shit was in english in nagoya - at least a wee bit - but not here.) i almost got kicked off the bullet train on the way up here because i was sitting in a reserved area. when the ticket authority guy came by, i just stared as he shook his head and pointed for me to get the fugg out. i thought i had done it and gotten myself arrested. fortunately this hasn't happened yet.

the last couple of days were amazing. only today have i sobered up. certainly i'm glad that i took some photos, otherwise some of those memories would be gone - evaporated like the sweat off my dogs. check ol' flickr for photographic evidence of exploits. saturday we tore it up at sumo all day long drinkin beers with will's pal ted. apparently the sumo hero guy is named Takami (important note: his nickname is RoboCop) and when he showed up at the end of the day the wee ones were going apeshit. TAKAMI!!!! awesome. he won, so all's well. later that night as we drunkenly walked around nagoya, i was busy snappin pictures of storm drains and cars and other shit when i looked up and will was nowhere to be found. i basically thought i was dead at that point because from where i was, and how wasted i was, there was going to be no way in hell i could communicate or figure out how to get back to his place. i sat down to write my our my last will and testament, when the dudes showed back up and of to home we trotted.

sunday we went to a festival in the smaller town of inuyama where a bunch of shit went on. we drank all day, will got nekkid and carried this float with all the other dudes (he is on a float team basically), and little kids were running around like mad. will had a couple friends there who spoke good english (ayano and kei) so i was able to chat with them for a bit which was nice. maybe more updates later. now i'm going to try to figure out how to use a payphone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i'm leaving for japan tomorrow. i'll be travelling there for 11 days. check for updates on the journey here and here. should be a good time. if anyone lives in japan and wants to meet up, give me a shout in the comments. arriverderci!~

Monday, July 11, 2005

we don't know each other well

amerie has been blowing my mind like fuck lately. actually, this remix by siik posted by o-dub over at soul-sides is what's blowin my mind in partickler, but shit, who woulda thought that a song on the hitch soundtrack would take over my summer like this?!

i'm going to japan on thursday.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

land of the dead

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a bird came out of his chest

i just washed a plate in the bathtub. now i'm listening to sly & the family stone. it's going to be a good couple of weeks.