Saturday, October 07, 2006

this blog is dusty and rusty

hi guys. i had an experience tonight that i wanted to relate and i didn't want to do it over at oceanchum so i came over here to jot it down.

that was when i noticed the post below the one you're reading and loled. and winked a tear into my ricard. tonight i decided to go see a thurston moore/wolf eyes show at 'the hook' in brooklyn new york. the directions to this place were poorly quite poorly written on the website, but with a little tlc and a mapquest i was able to figure out NSEW and write it down on a grubby piece of a brown paper sack that not too far in the past contained 6 scintillating yeunglings.

i struck out after a quick shower and picked up two chorizo tacos along the way. it's fun eating while walking i've realized. i walked a few blocks and downed the tacos, then picked up a coffee for the subway ride/walk to the middle of the cool breezy industrial atmospherics of red hook. it only took a hot minute to find the first street on the direction pad and that was the key to the puzzle basically, as i continued to take a series of lefts and rights, crossing over some gowanas expressway via a walkpath until i was deep in the heart of the hook.

the hook was actually the name of the place, and when i saw the sign hanging outside the warehouse i realized that i'd been here before. that's a long story though, and i'm getting tipsier as this blog rolls on. TBC


Blogger will said...

i'm wearing your shorts.

2:15 AM  
Blogger cocaine bref said...

how was the show?

12:42 PM  
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