Saturday, February 24, 2007


hi my cunts, i rarely post on this blog, so i'm not really sure why it exists really. i know why it's here in the first place, but currently it's a tree falling in the forest. the past 30 hours have been spent quite alone. last night i beat the buzzer at the liquor store when i raced over to buy a bottle of absolut at 11:55p. the owner warned me that they typically close 5 minutes early and that it was my lucky night. i considered this for a moment, but then told him to go fuck himself in my mind because he seemed a few whiskers short of a hamster. i set my alarm for 8 this morning because wasting the weekend is not a thing that is done in this household, and i struck out in the scalding cold wind. i picked up a coffee at dean & deluca on my way to the reservoir, but bout halfway round i realized that walking in this weather had a cost greater than its benefit. homeward bound. i won't bore you with the boring details of talking to my pop and doing my boring laundry (which is a herculean chore; i'm going to start sending it out. . but the thought of a person who earns their wage sorting my shorts sends shivers. you know the feeling.) i came home to find that the sushi people below me had let themselves into my humble abode to clean the restaurant exhaust fan (which is outside me winda) and proceeded to straighten up the place before nearly having a breakdown of proustian proportion. i gathered up my shit and struck out to my favorite bloody mary bar - at which i only had one bloody - a bloody shame too, because afterwards i spent the better part of an hour wandering around my french hugenot neighborhood looking for a pastis that ultimately would not exist. now i'm simmering in my kitchen. once i get that stool all will be right in the world. for now i stand, regarding you, with my drink, recarding me. rain and wrong can read your thoughts, they let them know where youth and laughter go.


Anonymous chilk said...

good post. i'd be interested in making a post here and there if you're willing to give me the pw. but be forewarned... most of my posts are about buttholes. food for thought.

3:58 PM  
Blogger will said...

stop recarding people please. drink.

11:59 PM  
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